Oxford The 3rd International Conference on Financial Technology and Business Analysis Murcia, Spain December 4, 2024


The 2nd International Conference on Financial Technology and Business Analysis (ICFTBA 2023) was a hybrid conference which includes several workshops (offline and online) around the world. Prof. Arman Eshraghi from Cardiff Business School, Professor Kevin McMeeking from Brunel University London, Dr. Naser Makarem from University of Aberdeen, and Dr. Habil. Alina Cristina Nuţă from Danubius University of Galaţi have chaired these workshops on related topics. ICFTBA 2023 provided the participants with good opportunities to exchange ideas and build networks, and it will lead to further collaborations between both universities and other societies.


Cardiff Business School, UK

Workshop Chair: Prof. Arman Eshraghi from Cardiff Business School

On September 1st, 2023 the workshop "Recent Bank Collapses - A New Financial Crisis?" was held in Cardiff Business School from UK. The goal of this session is to provide an overview of the literature on financial distress and bankruptcy in the corporate sector, and then focus on the banking sector in particular. This workshop will examine the fundamental and behavioral drivers of bank runs and explain how recent bank runs have taken place. They will discuss how capital adequacy regulations post-2008 have made the banking sector more resilient, why sectoral bank failures are a healthy attribute of the banking sector unless they signal systematic issues across the economy and conclude by examining the recent SVB collapse and its impact on the tech sector and the start-up economy. The participants will understand the concepts of financial distress, financial restructuring, liquidation, capital flight and bankruptcy and they will learn about the attributes and mechanics of bank runs following examples from the 2008 financial crisis, the Eurozone crisis, and recent examples from the US. The workshop will be of interest to practitioners in finance, economics, accounting and related business subjects. The session will be interactive in nature and allow space for conversations and new research questions to develop.

Brunel University London, UK

Workshop Chair: Professor Kevin McMeeking from Brunel University London

On October 13th, 2023 the workshop "Sustainable Finance Workshop: Accounting for Greenhouse Gases" was held in Brunel University London from UK. The aim of this online workshop is to bring together researchers from multiple fields that are interested in global warming / climate change to foster the development of joint interdisciplinary research activities. Global warming is arguably the most important issue mankind has ever faced. Sustainable accounting and reporting needs to meet climate science objectives to tackle this wicked problem. This interdisciplinary workshop seeks to address the financial accounting and sustainable finance issues pertaining to the most significant impact facing mankind - the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on global warming. The workshop targets climate-focused academics, banks, regulators, students and investment professionals from the public- and private-sectors. Insights and solutions are sought on issues such as forecasting, modelling, risk management, resilience, disclosure, etc.

University of Aberdeen Business School, UK

Workshop Chair: Dr. Naser Makarem from University of Aberdeen

On October 18th, 2023 the workshop "Brexit and Earnings Management" was held in University of Aberdeen Business School from UK. This workshop is based on a recent study that investigates the impact of Brexit on earnings management by UK firms. Brexit created a substantial, widespread and long-standing increase in uncertainty in the UK, which differs from prior uncertainty shocks as the majority of uncertainty shocks recede reasonably swiftly and/or are related to an economic recession. This workshop is based on a study that is the first to provide causal evidence between policy uncertainty and earnings management. Policy uncertainty is an area of research that crosses many disciplines. This workshop will be of interest to a wide range of audience considering the nature of the topic including researchers and students in the areas of business studies including economic, finance, accounting and management. It is perhaps of particular interest to accounting and finance researchers who are interested in earnings management and the factors affecting financial reporting behavior of firms.

Danubius University of Galaţi, Romania

Workshop Chair: Professor Dr. Habil. Alina Cristina Nuţă from Danubius University of Galaţi

On October 15th, 2023 the workshop "Fintech Tools and Cybersecurity Challenges - Finance Innovations That Shapes Our Livest" was held in Danubius University of Galaţi from Romania. The evolution of IT has determined the adaptation of financial services (or money sector), to a context that is in a major dynamic. One of the goals is to discuss and explore practical global solutions for the use of new technologies in finance by generating a framework in which stakeholders (regulators, financial institutions, IT companies, and other companies) must work together to achieve their interests facing increasingly diverse risks and challenges. The main goal of the workshop is to generate an intense exchange of ideas and discuss topics related to the fast-developing innovations related to the financial sector. The workshop participants are welcome to involve in topics such as fintech tools, digital finance, fintech bubbles, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity, financial innovative technologies, digital banking, risks mitigation, fintech investment opportunities and risks, finance regulations related to fintech, and other related subjects. The central point revolves around the financial innovations and fintech tools. It will also create the proper environment for exchanging ideas and discuss good practices regarding fintech development and regulation initiatives. The workshop format will favor debates, creating the premises for future research ideas development.

Online Session

Besides the workshops on more specific themes, ICFTBA 2023 will also hold an online session on the topic of financial technologies, business, economics, and management for more convenient participation of scholars worldwide. This online session will invite professors from top universities and authors of qualified papers to present their works. Keynote speeches and oral presentations will be delivered through videos, which can be watched on ICFTBA 2023 official YouTube channel. We believe that this online session will still be a great platform for participants to share, discuss, and cooperate.


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Title: Analysing Financial Autonomy Through Beta and Sigma Convergence: The Case of Spain

Presented by: Dr. Javier Cifuentes-Faura

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Title: Role of Financing Decisions in Earnings Discontinuities

Presented by: Dr. Naser Makarem

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Title: FinTech Tools and Cybersecurity Challenges- Finance Innovations that Shapes Our Lives (the Romanian Case)

Presented by: Alina Cristina Nuţă

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Title: Does Climate Change Risk Influence the Performance of Newly Listed Firms?

Presented by: Shima Amini, Sofia Johan, Eilnaz Kashefi pour, Abdul Mohamed

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Title: Accounting for Greenhouse Gases

Presented by: Kevin McMeeking

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Title: Homo Laborus Postpandemicus

Presented by: Jana MAJEROVÁ

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Title: Sustainable Finance and Future Economic Expectations

Presented by: Fiza Qureshi, Saba Qureshi, Dr Izlin Ismail

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Title: Strategies and Practices for Dealing with Inflation in New York

Presented by: Ying Wang

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Title: Research on the Current Situation of the Sharing Economy

Presented by: Chenyang Wu

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Title: Empowering Home Buyers: A Data-Driven Approach to Real Estate Pricing in Ames, Iowa

Presented by: Yousheng Tang

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Title: Research on the Impact of Systemic Risk on the Economic Development of a Country

Presented by: Chenyang Wu

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Title: Analyzing the Nexuses Between Carbon Emissions, Trade Openness, Transport Services, Globalization Index and Growth in China: Targeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Presented by: Dr. Muhammad Umer Quddoos Attari

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Title: Research on the Impact of the Adjustment of Fertility Policy on China's National Economy

Presented by: Suiheng Xu


You can find the Youtube Playlist of online session Here.



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